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We love to work with web designers and brand & communication agencies! As a reseller, you enjoy a big discount on the email credits you order.

We also send you business customers, as a lot of our clients ask us all kind of things you are definitely better in than us: set up the link between their blog and their myMailMarket account, to design a form for event registrations, to link the API, ... Furthermore as a partner you have the opportunity to restyle the interface completely to your brand and manage your own sub-accounts. Try us out and become a partner today!

myMailMarket for agencies

Extra features

Partners enjoy some neat extra features. Manage your client accounts and rebrand our platform to your own look and feel! Find out below what options we have to offer.


Partners can commercialize our online software using their own brand name. To seamlessly integrate with their corporate identity, it is therefore possible to personalize the layout of our platform completely. Determine the look and feel for all your clients and upload your logo and CSS stylesheets. Need a helping hand in branding ? Don't worry, we are here to help!

   Create and manage own clients

Another extra feature for partners, is the unlimited adding of customers and websites. Set up an account for each client, with a personal login and password. Consulate with your client if they want to pay monthly or per campaign. Clients who send a lot can pay monthly and save big. Those that rarely send can stick to paying per campaign.

   Log in from your website

Thanks to our powerful API, you can easily synchronize your company’s database or CRM software with your myMailMarket account. You can host and manage accounts directly from your CRM program. In addition, clients can even log into their account from your own website. Some of our agencies use the API to integrate their clients’ ecommerce carts, blogs, CMS tools and project management systems. For further integrations, contact us.

   Centralized credits

In order to facilitate the financial process, you can buy credits and distribute them among different client accounts.

   Reseller discount

As a partner of myMailMarket you can enjoy a commission on each client account. Unlike other service providers, we don't charge a separate licence fee for partners!

Clients served via partners:

Walt Disney Company

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