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Email editor

Drag & drop email editor

Create simple email designs from scratch with our drag and drop editor, select and adapt a design in our responsive email gallery or upload your custom designed HTML file.

Smart autoresponders

Smart autoresponders

Would you like to send a campaign at specific times to your subscribers? With an anniversary of a client, after closing an online sale process, one week after registration, etc. Our system does this automatically, without even logging in.

Segmentation and personalisation

Segmentation & Personalisation

In myMailMarket you can use as much personalisation data as you want and send emails based on customer preferences and behaviour.

real-time reports


Who is actually reading your e-mailing? To measure is to know. That's why after each successful mailing you will receive a comprehensive real-time report with all statistics.

E-commerce module

E-commerce module

Via our Shopitag Plugin you can sell via email, without much ado

myMailMarket API

Extended API

myMailMarket offers an extensive API for all clients. Several integrations and synchronisations are possible with CMS, shopping cart, webforms and more...

No license costs

No license costs

Just create your account and get started straight away! You only pay for the amount of credits you would like to have.

Schedule campaigns


Send out your campaign at the right time! You can choose to have your campaigns send immediately or program it for later. Just decide what, where and when, and our system does the rest.

Multiple users

Work with multiple users

In myMailMarket you have the opportunity to work simultaneously with different people to create and send campaigns in one account.

Free templates

Free responsive templates

Apply your own style in your mailings with a minimum of knowledge? No problem with our template system. We provide 7 responsive email templates, tested in every conceivable mail program.

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