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myMailMarket offers an extensive API for all clients. This API allows you to connect your own software or website to your myMailMarket account.

Several integrations are possible:

CRM integration
E-commerce shop
Automated triggers

Link your Customer Relation Management (CRM) with our API to synchronize address lists and email addresses / mobile numbers with myMailMarket. New adresses will automatically be added into our system.

Our API can be linked with your e-commerce shop to easily synchronize email addresses. Thanks to our Shopitag integration, you can even sell your products in a contextual shop, direct from the email. For example when a new client registers at your, you can add this address to your list in myMailMarket

Autoresponder triggers: based on certain user actions in your application, you can create a trigger like sending out an email or a SMS text message.

Browse through our other features:

Email Editor
Segmentation and personalisation
Email previews
E-commerce module
SMS features

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